Why this portal?

This portal is a one-stop resource center designed to host knowledge material and tools for Advocacy, Communication, and Social Mobilization (ACSM) on tuberculosis . This portal aims to support the TB-Mukt Bharat Abhiyan (Jan Andolan or People's Movement) of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare to eliminate Tuberculosis (TB) as a public health threat by 2025 by making the TB-ACSM products and tools accessible and available to all. This portal will support program delivery by employing various ACSM approaches to reduce the deep-seated stigma attached to the disease, mobilize communities towards increased demand for TB services, and facilitate its progress review.

This interactive online knowledge portal on TB ACSM is an effort to,

Create a one-stop repository or resource center for TB-ACSM knowledge content.
Ensure the accessibility and availability of TB-ACSM products and tools.
Bringing stakeholders and partners together for the creation and sharing of knowledge materials.

How this helps?

This knowledge portal provides timely, curated, and multi-layered access to TB-related ACSM tools, documents, and guidelines, and it also provides the option to share and exchange knowledge and information with various state TB program teams, partner agencies, government functionaries, and other practitioners collaborating with the National Tuberculosis Elimination Programme (NTEP) towards TB elimination.

This platform has many uniquely curated features and knowledge management options including:

Quick and advanced search feature
Structured and updated knowledge repository
Active knowledge support through helpdesk and FAQs
Latest media publications and blogs
Gallery to showcase field interventions

Who can use?

This public portal serves a diverse range of users, each with specific needs and objectives.

Healthcare professionals can access the latest TB-ACSM guidelines and resources, enabling them to better serve TB patients in their communities.

Non-governmental organizations and advocacy groups can find valuable tools for their awareness campaigns, helping to reduce TB stigma.

Researchers and academics can access a structured knowledge repository and stay informed about the latest research on TB.

Program managers responsible for TB elimination programs at the state and local levels can exchange information and access program-specific resources.

Media professionals can access accurate information for public dissemination, and the general public can learn about TB prevention and available services.

General Public: Learn about TB prevention strategies, dispel myths, and stay informed about local TB services to contribute to community awareness and support for TB elimination.